Bagala Window Works Preservation News

It’s now Elementary Science – historic windows are better!

A sixth grade science project conducted by a 12-year-old elementary school student in Indiana is receiving lots of attention from preservation experts.  Daniel Linley, who lives in an 100 year old Dutch Colonial placed a bet with his Dad that new double paned replacement windows would be better than the homes 1926 sash-and-storm combination.  After conducting his experiment he lost the bet to his Dad but won first prize and learned the value of historic windows. Read more about Daniel and his experiment here.

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BWW Heads to PTN workshop in Charleston, South Carolina

Later this month Bagala Window Works will attend the 16th annual International Preservation Trades Workshop – Cornerstones: Collaborative Approaches to Preservation. 

One of the highlights of this year’s conference,  BWW owner and president, Marc Bagala, will be presenting a workshop called “24 years and hundreds of windows later”.   Encompassing advice on operating and growing a successful window restoration business, he will share his unique experiences, what he’s learned over the years, and some helpful dos and don’ts.



Incredible Panoramas of Abandoned Places

Matthew Christopher is preserving historic buildings in his own way. He uses photography to document old, endangered and abandoned buildings that, sadly, might not be preserved in any other way. His unique 360-degree panoramas tell the story of an “abandoned America” with an architectural grandeur that begs to be renewed and restored.  The photos are a powerful and eloquent argument for historic preservation. Read more about Christopher’s work at the Preservation Nation blog, and view the photos at Christopher’s website,