Bagala Window Works Projects

Colby College, Lorimer Chapel, Waterville, ME

Lorimer Chapel, Colby College


Lorimer Chapel windows, broken and in terrible condition.

Lorimer Chapel Sash, repaired and ready for the next step in the window restoration process.

Lorimer Chapel Windows, painted and ready for reinstallation.

Lorimer Chapel Window reinstalled in the chapel tower.

Another chapel window reinstalled in the chapel tower.

Private Residence, Portland, ME

Private Residence, South Portland, ME

Replacing replacement windows with original sashThe owner of this historic property wanted to repair the damage done to the historic fabric of his home, so Bagala Window Works crafted period-appropriate wooden sash to replace the replacements.Before & after - replacing the replacements

Hallowell City Hall


Preservation Honor Award – First Parish Church, Yarmouth, ME

Preservation Craftsmanship Award

Admiral Peary’s Home, Eagle Island, Maine

Wadsworth-Longfellow House, Portland, ME

Bagala Window Works restored the windows in the Portland home of Maine’s own poet, Henry Wadworth Longfellow. You can read more about the Wadworth-Longfellow restoration here.

Maine Preservation Award, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, ME